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Deck the Halls!

There’s nothing quite like a bright tree, shiny decorations and garlands on the mantelpiece to brighten up our homes at Christmas. Are you a Christmas Scrooge? Do you say “Ba, Humbug!” at the first mention of Yuletide festivities?

Listening to the news around us, it may seem that this year there’s not much good cheer to be had with energy shortages, strikes and high cost of living. Maybe the temptation is to end up like Dicken’s character Scrooge and give up on joy this year. But surely the true Christmas spirit is to rise above whatever is going on around us in the world and focus on family and friends, making the very best of what we have. When we can’t give expensive gifts we can still give our time and love, Maybe some treats are beyond our means but what we do have can be shared with our loved ones. Rather than focus on worries and shortages why not make a real effort to do all the small things that can make great memories: a shared movie, chaotic board games, chats around a glowing fire, carols and a mug of hot chocolate, warm hugs exchanged with those precious to us. All free, but all priceless. Then, rather than imitate Scrooge, we’ll be able to say with Dicken’s inspiring character from “A Christmas Carol”, Tiny Tim, “God bless us, everyone!”

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