Connelly wide Denver Convector

Connelly wide Denver Convector

The Connelly Collection Denver combines elegance, performance and innovation, and is manufactured to an exceptional build quality in the UK factory.


The Denver is a very versatile fire that can be supplied as a contemporary hole in the wall feature or, alternatively as part of a complete fireplace suite to achieve a far greater visual impact than you would get with a standard living flame gas firepackage.


The Denver has a clean flame burner which gives a more efficient flame, less carbon and soot build up and  greatly reduces coal bed and glass cleaning.  All models can be installed into a conventional Class 1 chimney.


Maximum heat output : 5.1kW
Fuel bed: Logs
Control : Remote
Efficiency: High efficiency rating of 83%
Interior colour options : Black or Cream

Available as a trimless option and a 4 sided trim
Trim Finish options : Brass, Chrome or Brushed steel

Panoramic trim options: Black, Graphite, Bronze

    PriceFrom £1,499.00