Darwin Balanced flue gas stove

Darwin Balanced flue gas stove

Gallery Darwin Balanced Flue Gas Stove

Designed for homes without a chimney or flue

Excellent heating performance and armchair operation using the remote control system supplied as standard

Cast iron construction finished in matt black

High heat output of up to 5.4kW

Natural Gas or LPG compatibility

The Gallery Darwin Balanced Flue is designed for installation against a flat, external wall

A concentric pipe exits the stove at the top then bends 90 degree to a horizontal flue section which expels the fumes through the outside wall



  • Model Name : Darwin Balanced Flue Gas Stove
  • Fuel : Gas (Natural Gas or LPG)
  • Heat Output : 5.4kW Natural Gas / 5.2kW LPG
  • Efficiency : 75% Natural Gas / 68% LPG
  • Stove Body : Cast Iron
  • Flue Outlet : Top (100-150mm Concentric Flue)
  • Colour/Finish : Matt Black Painted

DIMENSIONS to be used as a guide only (see pics)