Gallery Coniston limestone fireplace

Gallery Coniston limestone fireplace

Gallery Coniston Limestone Fireplace Suite (DOES NOT INCLUDE GAS FIRE)

The classical design of the Coniston fireplace suite is equally suited to both traditional or contemporary homes

Suitable to combine with either a gas fire or electric fire

54" mantel width, Hearth is 54" x 15"

3 piece limestone back panel

Matching limestone hearth

Portuguese Limestone - This is natural stone, cut straight from the earth. The stone is sedimentary limestone formed over 50 million years ago. The characteristic darker veins on the light background, intermingled with fossils of plants and animal life all add to the beauty and individuality of this great material



  • Product Name : Coniston Limestone Fireplace
  • Finish : Portuguese Limestone
  • Fire Compatibility : Gas Fires / Electric Fires

DIMENSIONS (refer to pics) to be used as a guide only

  • A : 1370mm
  • B : 1120mm
  • C : 804mm
  • D : 866mm
  • E : 1270mm
  • F : 200mm
  • G : 75mm
  • H : 150mm
  • I : 380mm
  • J : 1370mm
  • K : 51mm