Hutton 39.5" fireplace in Artic White

Hutton 39.5" fireplace in Artic White

Gallery Hutton Marble Fireplace Suite (DOES NOT INCLUDE GAS FIRE)

The Arctic White micro-marble Hutton fireplace suite from Gallery Fireplaces creates a stylish focal point to both classical and modern interiors

This complete fireplace suite has the option to add virtually any standard sized gas or electric fire

Fashionable Arctic White micro-marble

Compact 1000mm (39½") mantel width

Arctic White micro marble is a vivid shade of white with the slightest hint of grey speckling and will blend effortlessly into any interior colour schemes

Matching back panel & hearth

Two ambient down-lights fitted in the underside of the Gallery Hutton chest flood light down on to the back panel and hearth to create a stunning effect and will bring any room to life!



  • Product Name : Hutton Marble Fireplace
  • Finish : Arctic White Micro-Marble
  • Fire Compatibility : Gas Fires / Electric Fires
  • Warranty : 12 Months

DIMENSIONS (refer to pics) to be used as a guide only

  • A : 1000mm
  • B : 953mm
  • C : 694mm
  • D : 750mm
  • E : 940mm
  • F : 165mm
  • G : 75mm
  • H : 130mm
  • I : 380mm
  • J : 1000mm
  • K : 50mm