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Chiswick 56" Cararra Marble Fireplace, Gloucester cast with cast back, 54"x15" granite hearth with 30"x3" tongue, NG2 gas fire.

Chiswick Carrara Marble surround with Gloucester cast
Chiswick surround
Chiswick surround

The Gallery Chiswick 56" fireplace surround boasts classical elegance and luxurious Carrara marble construction that will undoubtedly become the focal point of any home. With intricate details and a roundel design at the top of each leg, this design is particularly popular for period properties that require a high level of attention to detail.

​The Chiswick has a mantel shelf width of 1420mm (56") and can be combined with most cast iron inserts or flat, marble or granite sets. It is especially well-suited to the Gloucester horseshoe as the highlighted emblems and scroll design create a delicate contrast against the clean lines of the mantel.

​The optional Gloucester horseshoe cast iron interior comes with its own dedicated back section and can accommodate various fire options. Due to its overall depth, it requires adequate recess depth for proper installation.

The tapered gas fire option has been specifically designed to fit into the fire chamber area and offers a convenient way to enjoy real, open flames dancing over a glowing coal effect fuel bed. Requiring a Class 1 (real chimney), the gas fire is manually operated from controls at the bottom of the appliance behind the removable ash pan cover on the Gloucester insert. With a maximum input of 6.9kW, an air vent is typically not required in the room.

​*Note: All of the cast inserts in the Gallery Fireplaces range are capable of burning multi-fuel (wood, coal) when equipped with their respective solid fuel kits, but polished and highlighted products may tarnish.

Size diagram
Dimensions diagram
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