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Q: How much will my fire cost to run?

A: This depends on how much you pay for your gas from your provider and the type of fire. It will also vary according to how you use the fire whether it is run on high or low settings. You can calculate the maximum running cost per hour by multiplying your cost of gas per kilowatt, by the maximum heat input of your fire.

Q: I have seen a gas fire for under £100, can you supply these?

A: NO. These fires are usually made overseas using cheap materials and offer no back-up service should anything go wrong. It is also next to impossible to locate replacement parts for these fires.

Q. If I buy a gas fire with a pebble or log fuel bed will they discolour?

A: Most gas fires will produce some levels of carbon soot over time which is produced when the flame impinges on the fuel bed of the fire. On coal effect fires this won't show too much but on lighter fuel effects such as pebbles or logs this will be more apparent. Regular maintenance such as removing the fuel effect and lightly brushing the carbon deposits off should help with this but please bear this in mind when choosing your fire.

Q: Will my chimney need lining to have a gas fire?

A: In most cases, unless your chimney is leaking, you are not required to line your chimney to have a gas fire. Your Gas Safe Registered engineer should assess the condition of your flue prior to your installation. If, after assessment you require it lined, then the type of fire you have chosen determines the liner size you'll require.

Q: Will the fire I choose be sufficient to heat my home?
A: The majority of modern gas fires are designed as a back-up to central heating. If you are looking for a fire specifically as a heat source please contact us so we can advise on which fires will be more suitable.

Q: Is there a charge for delivery?
A: No, delivery is free to all Mainland UK addresses.

Q: How long will it take my item to arrive?

A: Usually 1-3 weeks, being an online only store we don't stock any items, items are all ordered by us direct from the manufacturer as they are ordered by you the customer.

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