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Gallery Krypton Fire Basket

Gallery Krypton Fire Basket
Gallery Krypton Fire Basket
Gallery Krypton Fire Basket

The Krypton basket is a larger model ideally suited to classic inglenook fireplaces. Alternatively, it can provide your room with a dramatic modern centrepiece when used on its own in a raised up chimney opening. Available black or polished cast iron and with a selection of fires.

The Gallery Krypton is similar to the popular Elan basket but with larger proportions making it perfect for a major focal feature regardless of which fire option you choose.

Choose from classic matt black painted cast iron (the best choice if planning to use for solid fuel), or, for a contemporary feature you may wish to opt for the polished cast iron version which has a lovely satin pewter style finish. The Krypton is available with an optional dedicated gas fire providing a simple way to brighten up the fireplace area or a solid fuel kit is offered for those who wish to burn wood or coal.

Includes a removable curved back piece (shown on the polished image).

Decorative option (no fire)
Supplied without any grate for use as a decorative ornament only.

Solid Fuel Kit option
Includes a grate allowing you to use the Krypton basket to burn wood and coal*.

Gas Fire option
A dedicated coal effect gas fire that provides real flames. Manual control with on/off and flame height adjustment operated from the bottom of the basket behind removable cover. Designed for homes running on natural gas and installation into a Class 1 flue (real chimney). With a maximum gas input of 10.9kW, an air-vent in the room is required.

*Fully polished cast iron is not recommended for solid fuel as discolouration will occur.

Gallery Krypton Fire Basket
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