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Gallery Matrix Fire Basket

Gallery Matrix Fire Basket
Gallery Matrix Fire Basket
Gallery Matrix Fire Basket

Choose from a range of fire options with this beautiful, cast iron basket. The Gallery Matrix is a perfect addition to a chamber fireplace or equally appealing when fitted on its own into an chimney opening. Classic matt black or fully polished satin silver finish.

The Matrix basket is constructed using traditional methods in robust cast iron but combines cutting edge styling making it a perfect option for a variety of interiors. Available in your choice of painted matt black or buffed to a striking satin silver polished finish.

A horizontal bar design with a solid cast back plate, the Gallery Matrix can be combined with a gas fire. There is also a dedicated solid fuel kit (ash pan & grate) that will allow you to use this popular basket for burning wood and coal*.

Decorative option (no fire)
Supplied without any grate for use as a decorative ornament only.

Solid Fuel Kit option
Includes a grate and ashpan allowing you to use the Matrix basket to burn wood and coal*.

Gas Fire option
A dedicated coal effect gas fire that provides real flames. Manual control with on/off and flame height adjustment operated from the bottom of the basket behind removable cover. Designed for homes running on natural gas and installation into a Class 1 flue (real chimney). With a maximum gas input rating of 9kW, an air-vent will be required in the room.

*Fully polished cast iron is not recommended for solid fuel as discolouration will occur.

Gallery Matrix Fire Basket
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