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Gallery Nexus Fire Basket (Small)

Gallery Nexus Fire Basket (Small)
Gallery Nexus Fire Basket (Small)
Gallery Nexus Fire Basket (Small)

The Nexus fire basket gives you the option of using it on its own as a decorative feature, combining it with a dedicated coal effect gas fire or burning logs and coal with the solid fuel kit option. The popular Gallery Nexus is finished in a choice of black or chrome.

The Gallery Nexus small basket has been a favourite model for many years thanks to its stunning, modern styling and versatility. You can use the basket purely as a decorative feature for an inglenook or unused opening, or select from a range of dedicated fire options.

Supplied in matt black or chrome finish, the cast iron Nexus will look stunning either fitted on its own or within a suitable fire surround. The curved design of this basket is especially suited to contemporary interiors.

Decorative option (no fire)
Supplied without any grate for use as a decorative ornament only.

Solid Fuel Kit option
Includes a grate allowing you to use the Nexus basket to burn wood and coal*.

Gas Fire option
A dedicated coal effect gas fire that provides real flames. Manual control with on/off and flame height adjustment operated from the bottom of the basket behind removable cover. Designed for homes running on natural gas and installation into a Class 1 flue (real chimney).

*Solid fuel kit option is only available on the black version.

Gallery Nexus Fire Basket (Small)
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