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Gallery Valencia Fire Basket

Gallery Valencia Fire Basket
Gallery Valencia Fire Basket
Gallery Valencia Fire Basket

Available in three sizes, the Valencia is a popular fire basket used for burning wood, coal and smokeless fuels. A coal effect gas fire version is available with a choice additional fuel effects. For homes without a chimney, it can be used for purely decorative purposes.

Based on a standard grate with the addition of decorative scroll embellishment on the ashpan drawer, the Gallery Valencia is a model that lets the fire take centre stage. Offered in 16", 18" or 21" sizes, there is an option suitable for all fireplace opening sizes and with three fire types to choose from, you can enjoy this attractive basket fire along with a real wood or coal fire, a dedicated gas fire with flickering flames and a welcoming glow.

Made from cast iron with a matt black high temperature finish, the Valencia can be supplied with an optional back plate on the 18" and 21" version that adds to the overall appeal as well as protecting the wall behind which is helpful when burning coal.

Decorative option (no fire)
Supplied without any grate for use as a decorative ornament only.

Solid Fuel Kit option
Includes a grate allowing you to use the Valencia basket to burn wood and coal.

Gas Fire option
A dedicated coal effect gas fire that provides real flames. Manual control with on/off and flame height adjustment operated from the bottom of the basket behind removable cover. Designed for homes running on natural gas and installation into a Class 1 flue (real chimney).

Electric Fire option
Available on the 18" Valencia basket only this drop-in dedicated electric fire engine provides a warming, ambient glow under a coal effect cover. Flame only setting plus a 1800W convected fan heater.

Gallery Valencia Fire Basket
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