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“April Showers Bring May Flowers”

The thought that April flowers will bring May flowers reminds us that good things are worth waiting for and sometimes we have to go through a little pain to get a great gain.

If it was summer all year round we wouldn’t really appreciate what a joy it is. But when we see sunlight shining on a riot of colourful blossoms after the cold, rainy and dark winter we feel the wait and trial have all been worthwhile.

This is true of so many areas in life: exam success after hard study, a promotion earned by years of work, a beautiful baby that comes after a difficult pregnancy or, perhaps, simply the satisfaction of sinking down into a comfy couch after a tough day at work.

When we think about changing décor in our home or getting a new fire or fireplace fitted the hassle can often seem to outweigh the benefit. But once the changes have been made and the brief disruption to our routine is over then the end result is often such a pleasure, and makes our lives so much easier, that we ask ourselves, “Why did we wait so long?”

Maybe the lesson here is to acknowledge the journey we took and truly appreciate the good times when we get there without fretting about what the future may bring. And let’s remember not to be afraid of change because it often brings good things into our lives.

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