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“Baby, it’s cold outside!”

What a great old song! It really paints a picture of someone who should go outside but really doesn’t want to because of the cold, ice and snow. How much better to stay snug indoors!

We’d all like to think that our homes are havens from the wild winter elements but realistically that’s often not the case. Once we’ve done our best to insulate our houses and stop the heat escaping we can turn our attention to generating the heat in the first place.

A cozy fire is what we long for on a sharp, cold night with the wind howling outside. We may associate that with a real, open fire just like the ones we huddled around when we were children, jostling for position nearest the flames and ending up with toasted legs. The reality today is that a fuel-efficient gas or electric fire is usually a far more economical and mess-free way to heat our rooms and make our winter experience a pleasure rather than a penance.

A good fire can heat our whole room and not just the area by the fireplace, it can make our homes more accessible to us and increase our enjoyment of an evening spent indoors enjoying a great movie or a good book.

So, no matter what the weather is, with a reliable fire we’ll be able to say, “Baby, it’s warm INSIDE!”

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