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March Many Weathers

Updated: Apr 3, 2023

The old saying “March many weathers” paints a picture of a turbulent month with many changes in the weather. Every day seems different – sometimes cold and rainy, sometimes milder with a hint of sunshine. Just like life, it can be hard to know what to expect from the month of March and, just like life, we have to be ready to meet the changes as they come!

Planning ahead is the key to coping with changes so that we’re not left cold and grumbling when a sudden hail shower comes or feeling over-toasted in a padded coat on an unexpected sunny day.

Maybe we could think about having some lighter meal choices ready for warmer days. Perhaps wearing layers of clothes or keeping a choice of coat and umbrella in the car for when the weather changes suddenly will work for us and help us meet with a smile whatever March throws at us!

And, of course, we want our homes to be cozy but we don’t want to be too warm or cold. That’s when super-efficient gas or electric fires really come into their own, letting us react at the touch of a button no matter what the weather throws at us. We can have heating when we want to and be able to turn it off when we don’t need it, finding a great balance between comfort and keeping the costs down.

So with a positive attitude and a bit of smart planning, when you hear someone say “March many weathers”, you can grin and say “Bring it on!”

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