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New Year – New You?

After all the excesses of Christmas, January is the time of year when we start making resolutions. Usually, before the end of this month we have given up on all our good intentions and gone back to our old ways.

Maybe this year we can make a real difference by not having unrealistic goals and setting ourselves up for failure. Instead we can make small changes that add up to real results we can be proud of.

Walking a few extra steps a day or having a couple less biscuits with our cuppa could make a big difference over the coming year and is something we can really achieve and feel good about ourselves.

Instead of buying a new kitchen maybe paint the existing doors a fresh colour and add new door handles.

Instead of new carpets have the old ones cleaned or get a cheerful floor rug. These are ways to brighten up our homes without breaking the bank.

One cost-efficient way to improve our houses is to consider getting a new gas or electrical fire that is fuel-efficient and cost-effective, meaning a warmer home and lower energy costs in the future.

Who knows? Maybe in 2023 you can say “New Year – New Flue!”

Oh, and a Happy and Healthy New Year to your family from ours at The Fire Store!

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