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What are the best types of Wood to burn in your Log Burner?

Coming into these Autumn and Winter months when the weather is turning, many of you will be starting to build fires in your Woodburners for that cosy home feeling. But what are the best types of wood to burn?

Oak is a hard wood that burns longer and produces a good heat output.

Ash is thought to be one of the very best woods for burning. Ash creates a steady flame and a good heat output, and can actually be burned green (although, as with most wood, it burns at its very best when it is dry).

Beech burns very well, like ash. However, it does not burn well when green due to its much higher moisture content when live. Beech can be identified by its pale cream colour with a pink or brown hue.

Hawthorn has a slow burn rate and offers a good heat output.

Rowan, similar to hawthorn, has a very good heat output that burns slowly. Rowan is also known as Mountain Ash.

Thorn produces very little smoke, which makes it an ideal wood where excessive smoke could be an issue. It also has a slow burn and produces a good level of heat.

Yew produces a pleasant scent when burning, which makes it stand out a little compared with other woods. It also offers a slow burn and produces a great, intense heat.

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