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Why choose an Electric Fire?

Updated: May 27, 2023

Why choose an Electric Fire? Below are The Fire Store's best reasons to choose an Electric Fire.

Low Maintenance. One of the main reasons to pick an electric fire is that they’re low maintenance. Just about everything works at the click of a button, and many can be controlled remotely with a smartphone or similar device.

That makes them the ideal choice for customers who want more time spent relaxing, and less time spent chopping wood.

Simply tap the 'on' button and enjoy watching the flames.

Great for smaller rooms. Because electric fires tend to produce less heat when compared to, for example, a large wood fire, it makes them great for smaller rooms, or rooms with high-quality insulation where less heat output is required.

They’re still great at keeping you warm and toasty however, so make sure you don’t overlook them!

Increased realism. The technology used in electric fires has improved year-on-year since they first came to market, and we’re fortunate to now be at a stage where the flame visuals are truly realistic and immersive.

This means you can enjoy an electric fire with a visual display that closely matches a real wood burner — and your guests will likely be none the wiser!

Some products, like the Faber Matrix (below), go so as far to use water vapour to create an atmospheric mist effect that more closely resembles burning wood.

Nero 1500 by Legend Fires

Cost effective. If you’re buying on a budget, an electric fire might be the best option for you.

Many of the smaller models start at a comparatively low price, and then there’s the low maintenance cost — once connected to your mains power supply, you can control the cost at a click of a button, without any other overheads (like wood, pokers, and chimney costs).

Installation is simple. If you’re after an easy installation experience, look no further than an electric fire.

They can be installed just about anywhere in your home, as they don’t require the use of a chimney. All you’ll need is a hole-in-the-wall, which a carpenter can create if needed, and access to a power supply.

Then it’s simply a matter of slotting it in, plugging in the power, and flicking the switch.

Warm weather capable. If you’re in the mood to relax and want to enjoy a calming flame display, but the weather is too warm to justify flicking on your fire, you might be surprised to hear an electric fire is still a good option — as many have functions to produce the flame visuals, without the heat output!

This is also a great way of entertaining guests and creating a pleasant environment during warmer summer evenings, when you want the atmosphere but not the heat.

Take a look at some of our Media Wall fires here

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