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In this modern age, a house does not seem to be an elegant home without a beautiful fireplace, wood burning stove or media wall fire. Whether used to warm the environment or just for its aesthetic value, these have always been the point of attention. The presence of a fireplace, wood burning stove or media wall fire reflects the architectural elegance to its surroundings. Looking for an appealing and durable masterpiece? Don’t forget to check The Fire Store collection of multi fuel stoves, crystal fires, inset gas fires, balanced flue fires, gas stoves, chambers & beams, electric fires etc today.


The Fire Store is Atherton, Manchester based family owned business in the fireplace trade for more than 20 years. We are always dedicated to deliver the best product to your door steps with super friendly and highly cooperative customer support. Our main focus is your complete satisfaction for which we don’t mind going the extra mile listening to your requirements and deploying according to your needs.


We are not just limited to selling fireplaces, wood burning stoves or media wall fires. Rather we also provide professional and experienced gas fire servicing and repair engineer services in Wigan, Bolton, Leigh, Warrington, Tyldesley and Atherton. We also provide magnificent wall art for your living room. Get to know more About Us.

The Fire Store
Beautiful Fireplaces


Though fireplaces were used for heating a dwelling, cooking, and heating water for laundry and domestic uses etc in old times. But spreading evolution and growing interests of the modern era have changed the use of fireplaces. Our fireplaces not only warm your living room but also add a new luxury look to the environment. Looking for a modern fireplace? We have got you covered with our high quality made Marble, Wood, Limestone or Cast Iron fireplaces.


There are two types of fireplaces  1. Gas Fires 2. Electric fires

Gas Fires

Struggling to find the best gas fireplace that suits your interior? Don’t worry! The Fire Store has a diverse range of gas fires and gas stoves in many glamorous styles and sizes so you find the perfect match for sure. Our highly efficient and trending gas fires are designed to lower the heating costs of your home. This array of gas fireplaces includes fires that are suitable for all flue types. Don't have a chimney? No problem! We have a fire to meet your needs. Replace the old and rotten gas fire or gas stove today and start living a stressful and comfortable life.

Gas Fires
Electric Fires

Electric Fires

As time goes on, products are becoming more innovative, conscious and automated. Same applies to heating equipment. Wood burning fireplaces use natural resources and pollute the air too. These are also less energy efficient. And if we talk about the gas fires, they also use natural resources and might be harmful in some cases. Electric fires, on the other hand, just require a small amount of energy to operate the system with high energy efficiency, safety and zero emission. Enjoy the flame effect, at any time of year, and keep your bedroom or living room cozy and warm with our wide range of electric fires that can be combined with any of our fireplaces. We are now introducing NERO media wall fires by Legend Fires at our online store.

Wood Burning Stoves

There are so many reasons to choose wood burning stoves for your home. Few of these are:

a. Flexible Placement - Wood stoves can be virtually installed anywhere in the home.

b. Extraordinary Heating - Wood burning stoves warm an area faster and more efficiently with their powerful heating property.

c. Affordable Heating - Wood has always been an inexpensive source of heat than oil, gas or electricity.

d. Effective in Power Outage Areas - Wood burning stoves are effective in such regions that have occasional power outages throughout the winter.

e. Addition to Home Decor - Modern wooden stoves are available in gorgeous styles, finishes and sizes so they can surely add more value to your home decor.


The Fire store is proud to deliver the best quality made wood burning stoves in the United Kingdom which are eco-friendly and durable so you get the best warm experience in cheap natural source consumption.

Wood Burning Stoves

What Else We Offer

Gas Fire Servicing and Repair Engineer Services

Is your gas fire not working properly? Does it reveal black or soot marks around the burner? Or burning sluggish yellow flame rather than a blue coloured defined flame? Don’t worry! Avail the best gas fire services of 2022 in the UK. Our gas fire service engineers are so trained that they prefer safety and your complete satisfaction. Our gas fire service includes pipework checks, flame picture checks, cleaning of all parts, catchment space check, gas leakage check, inlet pressure check, burner pressure check and many others so you don’t need to worry for at least the next year.

​Gas Fire Servicing and Repair Engineer Services

HD Wall Art Prints

HB Wall Art Prints

Give final touches to your home decor with our HD Wall art prints. These handmade prints will give a decent look to your living room, bed room or wall containing the fireplace. Our HD wall art prints collection include HD Prints of America, UK, Japan, Australia, Egypt, France, wildlife, stadiums, castles, space, films, beaches etc. The Fire Store is also offering the custom prints to meet the customer requirements. Our magnificently framed HD wall art prints are available on website, Etsy and WhatsApp contact.

Why The Fire Store?

The Fire Store is among the leading gas & electric fireplaces, wood burning stoves and media wall art suppliers of 2022 in the United Kingdom covering Lancashire and Greater Manchester areas of Bolton, Bury, Whitefield, Prestwich, Atherton, Westhoughton, Leigh, Wigan, Chorley, Darwin, Ramsbottom, Horwich, Blackrod, Worsley, Walkden, Swinton and Warrington. We are proud sellers of most trusted brands like The Gallery Collection, Crystal Fires, Bright Side Solutions, BeModern fires & Fireplaces and NERO by Legend Fires with 100% customer satisfaction. We also provide highly professional Gas fire servicing and repair engineer services.

Important Note

Are you confused which product is best for your needs and fits into your existing chimney? We have marked all of our products Out Of Stock so you can get in touch with our customer support to make sure the fire you are interested in will fit into your existing chimney. Our super friendly support would love to hear from you and guide you with the best product that meets your requirements and fits into your chimney. So what are you waiting for? Contact us now to purchase your best matching gas & electric fireplace, wood burning stove or media wall art.

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