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Gallery Classic 8 Eco, Warm White

Gallery classic 8 eco stove in warm white
Gallery classic 8 eco stove in warm white

Introducing the stunning Gallery Classic Eco stove, adorned in a beautiful gloss enamel Warm White finish. This exquisite stove effortlessly illuminates any interior, even when not in use. Its innovative design allows for the combustion of both wood and solid fuels, while proudly boasting DEFRA approval and compliance with EcoDesign standards.


Crafted from durable cast iron, the Gallery Classic Eco is not only visually impressive with its attractive splayed legs, shaped top plate, and spacious door, but it also offers a captivating view of the enchanting flames.

Perfectly suited for modern living and standard-sized rooms, the Classic 8 Eco multi-fuel stove delivers a nominal heat output of 5kW. However, when fully loaded with the air controls set to maximum, it achieves an impressive maximum output of 8kW. This advanced appliance boasts an exceptional efficiency rating of 84% and has already surpassed the requirements of the forthcoming EcoDesign 2022 directive. Whether you are new to the world of wood burning or a seasoned stove enthusiast, this stove is ideal for all.

Even if you reside in a smoke-controlled area, you can still relish the cozy warmth and captivating ambiance of burning wood and smokeless fuels. The Gallery Classic Eco 8 is a smoke exempt appliance, making it suitable for use throughout the entire UK.

With its premium gloss enamel finish in Warm White, the Classic 8 Eco features a versatile top or rear 5" flue outlet that can be easily interchanged. Measuring an impressive overall width of 570mm (22½"), it is equally suited for recessing into an inglenook or standing freely as a striking focal point on its own.

Gallery classic 8 eco stove dimensions
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