Gas Fire Servicing and Repairs

As with any gas appliance, a gas fire service should be completed annually. If you suspect that your gas fire is not working properly, you should contact a gas safe registered engineer to check out your gas fire, even if it is within a year of your last gas fire service. 

Faulty gas fires can cause carbon monoxide poisoning which can cause serious illness, and in some cases be fatal. 

Here are a few signs that your gas fire may not be working properly 

-The flame is a sluggish yellow flame rather than a blue coloured defined flame

-Your gas fire has black or soot marks around the burners

-The pilot light does not remain lit and needs relighting

-The gas fire will not work

What is involved in a Gas Fire Service?

-Strip down and cleaning of all parts.

-Pipework checks.

-Flame picture checks.

-Ventilation (check to see that your room has adequate ventilation according to the manufacturers instructions).

-Flue inspection and flue flow test.

-Catchment space check.

-Gas Rate (to check the appliance is burning the correct amount of gas specified in the manufacturers instructions).

-Burner/inlet pressure check.

-Check for gas leaks.

-Spillage test  (to ensure your flu is carrying away the harmful products of combustion).

-Safety device check.

-Check hearth requirements in accordance with manufacturers instructions.

-Check condition of any seals on fireboxes.

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