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Classic 8 gas stove.

The Classic 8 Gas stove
The Classic 8 Gas stove dimensions

The Classic 8 Gas Stove from Gallery is the perfect solution for those who desire the warmth and ambiance of a real wood-burning stove but prefer the instant control and convenience of gas. Its life-like log effect fuel bed creates a mesmerizing view of scintillating flames.

Made from heavy-duty cast iron, this conventional flue gas stove is available in both Natural Gas and LPG variants, and features an eye-catching base, top plate, and door, all finished in a sleek matte black paint.

Choose between standard manual operation, with controls discreetly located at the base of the stove, or the optional remote control that lets you adjust the stove's settings from the comfort of your favorite armchair.

With a high efficiency rating of up to 79% and an impressive heat output of 4.8kW, the Classic 8 is capable of providing a cozy room during cold winter evenings. Alternatively, you can use this versatile model to supplement your heat as needed.

With its classic design, this model will blend seamlessly into any home decor, whether traditional or contemporary. You can choose to use it as a free-standing model or combine it with a fireplace to match your personal style.

Fuel  -  Gas (Natural Gas or LPG)
Maximum Heat Output  -  4.8kW (Natural Gas)  /  4.4kW (LPG)
Maximum Heat Input  -  6.1kW (Natural Gas)  /  5.7kW (LPG)
Efficiency  -  79% (Natural Gas)  /  75% (LPG)
Stove Body  -  Cast Iron
Flue Outlet  -  Top (5") (1m pipe included)
Colour/Finish  -  Matt Black paint


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