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E1500 3 Sided 60″ Panoramic Luminance

Econovex E1500 60" fire
Econovex E1500 60" fire flame picture


Introducing the E1500 electric fireplace, a captivating addition destined to become the focal point of any home. Standing at 60 inches, its panoramic brilliance not only radiates warmth but also imbues your space with a welcoming charm. Its sleek 3-sided design adds a touch of modern sophistication, ideal for contemporary living.

Experience the allure of lifelike flames, courtesy of built-in LED lights, offering an authentic fireplace ambiance without the upkeep of real flames. From its stunning aesthetics to cutting-edge LED technology, the Econovex E1500 embodies contemporary elegance and practicality.

Efficiency is paramount, with running costs as low as 3p per day. Installation options abound, with choices of single-sided, left or right corner, or the captivating 3-sided bay configuration, all included with a free installation pack.

The E1500 is not just a heating appliance but a work of art, redefining the ambiance of any media wall. With customizable flame colors, ember bed hues, and downlighting options, you have full control over the atmosphere, allowing you to create the perfect setting for any occasion.

Versatility is key with the E1500, offering multiple installation depths and configurations to suit your preferences and spatial constraints. Whether you opt for a built-in clean face, partial recess, or wall mount, this electric fireplace seamlessly integrates into your home, elevating it with high-definition visuals and modern flair.

Immerse yourself in a dynamic visual experience with the full RB color spectrum, turning your electric fire into a mesmerizing display. With innovation and quality at its core, the E1500 sets a new standard for electric fires, marrying contemporary design with unparalleled comfort. Embrace the epitome of modern elegance with the E1500, a true marvel in the realm of electric fireplaces.


• Advanced Hybrid-FX™M Flame Technology
• Unique, Varied Flame Patterns
• Vibrant High-Intensity RGB Flame Colors
• Customizable RGB Ember Bed Colors
• Adjustable RGB Downlighting Colors
• Individual or Synchronized Control Options
• Full Spectrum of Colors in Every Lighting Feature
• Active Ember Bed for Added Realism

Experience the mesmerizing beauty of our electric fireplace, powered by the innovative Hybrid-FX™M Flame Technology. Each flame pattern is distinct and captivating, creating a random yet stunning display that draws you in, making your 60-inch panoramic fire the center of attention in any room.

Immerse yourself in a world of vibrant color with our high-intensity RGB flame options. Whether you prefer the classic warmth of traditional flames or desire to infuse your space with a burst of color, our electric fireplace allows you to tailor the flame hues to match your mood or decor effortlessly.

Enhance the visual appeal of your fireplace with customizable RGB ember bed colors, adding depth and dimension to the flames above. Coordinate or contrast with the flames to create a harmonious or bold statement, elevating the realism and ambiance of your electric fire.

Accentuate the beauty of your fireplace with adjustable RGB downlighting, casting a soft, atmospheric glow that accentuates the intricate details of the ember bed and log set. This feature enhances the overall experience, setting the perfect mood for any occasion and ensuring your space is always bathed in warmth and elegance.



• Transparent Acrylic Stone Media
• Sleek Black Smoke Acrylic Crystals
• Artfully Hand-Painted Canyon Driftwood
• Detailed Log Set for Lifelike Realism

Enhance your 1500 panoramic electric fireplace experience with our stunning media enhancements, meticulously crafted to elevate the visual allure of your 60-inch panoramic fire and establish a captivating centerpiece in any space. Every component has been thoughtfully selected to harmonize with the elegant design and cutting-edge technology of your electric fireplace, guaranteeing effortless integration into your home's aesthetic.



• Generates Up To 5000 BTU Heat (Suitable for 400 SQ FT Rooms)
• Efficient Ceramic Heater Technology

Achieve up to 5000 BTUs of heating power with our panoramic electric fireplace, effectively warming areas of up to 400 square feet, perfect for spacious rooms. This substantial heat output guarantees a snug environment, ideal for unwinding or hosting gatherings.

Cutting-edge ceramic heater technology lies at the core of our electric fireplace, ensuring rapid and efficient warmth distribution. This innovative system optimizes energy usage, maintaining a consistent and cozy atmosphere throughout your space, without the typical energy expenses associated with conventional heating methods.

Environmentally Conscious Heating Solution:

Embrace warmth while minimizing environmental impact. Our panoramic electric fireplace offers a sustainable alternative to traditional wood-burning options, reducing emissions and lowering your carbon footprint. Enjoy the comfort and ambiance of a fire while prioritizing eco-friendly practices.


• Basic features Manual Controls
• Full Feature Remote Control
• RGB Color Wheel
• Brightness Slide Bar
• Full Feature Tuya App



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