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Firefox 5 stove package
Gallery Firefox 5 dimensions

Introducing the Firefox 5 Compact Eco stove: a remarkable investment in both warmth and charm. Crafted entirely from solid cast iron, this stove is built to endure the test of time, guaranteeing years of reliable performance. As a distinguished member of the Gallery Collection, the Firefox 5 Compact Eco effortlessly transforms any small- to medium-sized living room into an enchanting sanctuary.

Prepare to be captivated by the mesmerizing ambiance created by its generous viewing window, allowing you to luxuriate in the soothing glow of dancing flames. Whether your home boasts a modern aesthetic or exudes traditional charm, this stove seamlessly integrates into any decor, enhancing the cozy atmosphere you desire. Thanks to its innovative airwash system, bid farewell to smudged and sooty glass, as it effortlessly keeps the window crystal clear, ensuring an uninterrupted view of the mesmerizing fire within.

By choosing the Firefox 5 Compact Eco, you opt for efficiency without compromising on environmental responsibility. With an impressive efficiency rating of 82.5%, this stove proudly carries an A+ energy classification, meeting and surpassing all EcoDesign standards. Moreover, it is DEFRA-approved, granting you the freedom to relish its cozy warmth even in smoke control areas, while adhering to legal regulations.

Embrace the allure of the Firefox 5 Compact Eco stove and experience the perfect fusion of reliability, elegance, and eco-consciousness. It's time to transform your living space into a haven of comfort and style.

Key Features:

  • Constructed entirely from solid cast iron for exceptional durability

  • Compact design, ideal for small- to medium-sized living rooms

  • Generous viewing window creates a cozy ambiance in both modern and traditional interiors

  • Airwash system keeps the glass clear for an uninterrupted view of the fire

  • Impressive 82.5% efficiency rating with an A+ energy classification

  • DEFRA-approved, making it suitable for use in smoke control areas

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