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Firefox 5 Gas Stove (Manual Control)

Firefox 5 Gas stove
Firefox 5 Gas stove dimensions
Firefox 5 Gas stove

If you prefer the ambiance of a real wood burning stove but desire the instant control and ease-of-living that gas provides, then the Firefox 5 Gas Stove is an excellent choice. Its cast iron body gives a realistic feel while the efficient gas burner can provide up to 4kW of cosy heat.

You can easily adjust the flames using the discreet manual control located on the stove. This versatile model can be used on its own inside a dedicated enclosure or combined with an appropriate fireplace. The Firefox 5 Gas Stove is compatible with Class 1 (real chimney) or Class 2 (5" prefabricated) flue with a 5" flue outlet at the top of the appliance.

The life-like coal effect fuel bed creates a beautiful display of flickering flames behind the glass window. This model will blend seamlessly into your existing decor and make any room more inviting.

Fuel  -  Natural Gas
Heat Output  -  4kW
Efficiency  -  73%
Stove Body  -  Cast Iron
Flue Outlet  -  Top (5")
Colour/Finish  -  Matt Black Paint
Weight  -  70kg

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