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The Gallery Firefox 8 gas stove

Gallery Firefox 8 gas stove
Gallery firefox 8 gas stove

Enhance your space with the stylish and technologically advanced Firefox 8 Gas Stove. With its attractive design, it serves as a stunning centerpiece while providing instant heat and ambiance. Customize your experience with the choice of classical Coal or authentic Log fuel bed.

Designed for versatility, the Firefox 8 Gas Stove is suitable for installation in properties with either a Class 1 (real chimney) or Class 2 (5" prefabricated flue). Constructed with a heavy-duty cast iron casing, it retains heat even after the fire is switched off, ensuring prolonged warmth.

With a maximum heat output of 5kW, this gas stove is perfect for standard-sized rooms, offering cost-effective heating during milder weather and adding cozy warmth during colder months. Its efficient operation allows you to heat the room you spend most of your time in, reducing reliance on the main heating system.

The Firefox 8 Gas Stove offers a choice between classical Coal or authentic Log fuel effects. The standard model features discreet Manual Controls for easy operation, while an optional Remote Control is available for ultimate convenience, allowing you to control the stove from the comfort of your armchair.

Enjoy the mesmerizing view of the flames through the large glass viewing window. Please note that the LPG model is available for the coal effect model only. Elevate your home's ambiance with the Firefox 8 Gas Stove and experience the perfect blend of style, warmth, and convenience.


Width: 555mm
Height: 605mm
Depth: 425mm Inc. rear flue diverter box

Depth From Back to Centre of Top Flue 175mm Inc. rear flue diverter box

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