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Florida Hole in the Wall gas fire.

 Florida Hole in the Wall gas fire.
 Florida Hole in the Wall gas fire.trim options
 Florida Hole in the Wall gas fire.
 Florida Hole in the Wall gas fire dimensions

The Crystal Florida combines state-of-the-art technology with a choice attractive trim options and fuel effects which allows you to tailor a breath- taking feature for your home which brings you both impressive performance and high efficiency.

A unique twin fan convector is at the heart of this glass-fronted gas fire. The unit contains low voltage fans which use a miniscule amount of electricity and which are operated via your remote control. This gives you the benefit of extra heat and means that the heat is also distributed throughout your room faster.

Even when the convector fans are switched off, the heat performance and efficiency of the Florida rivals the best on the market. But when the fans are on the performance of the Florida is unmatched as the impressive heat output of 4.2kW is increased bringing toasty warmth to your home even when the winter chills really set in.

Compatible with both Class 1 (real chimney) and Class 2 Prefabricated flues (5" ) subject to adequate depth being available to accommodate the appliance depth (340mm). The Crystal Florida gas fire is supplied with a fully sequential remote control handset which gives you total control of the on/off and flame height adjustment plus operation of the convector fan system.

The Florida features a black interior with a choice of logs or pebbles fuel effects set behind a glass front panel. Create a unique centrepiece of your home by choosing from a range of powder-coated finishes for the inner fascia section plus silver finishes on the outer trim.

Fuel : Natural Gas
Direct Heat Output : 4.2kW
Energy Efficiency : 78%
​Useful Energy Efficiency Net : High: 82% / Low: 60%
Flue Compatibility : Class 1 & Class 2 (5")
Control : Remote Control
Fuel Effect : Logs  /  Driftwood  /  Pebbles
Safety : Oxygen Depletion Sensor

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