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Gem/Montana HE, Options 5 Hole in the Wall gas fire.

Gem/Montana HE, Options 5 Hole in the Wall gas fire.
Gem/Montana HE, Options 5 Hole in the Wall gas fire size diagram

The “Option” range, new from Crystal Fires offers four-sided fascia frames. These stylish models perfectly match the standard 16” Gem or Montana gas fires whilst providing an attention-grabbing bigger overall appearance in your home.

The Option fascias come in satin-brushed steel or polished (mirror) steel with black detail, giving you a choice of style to compliment your own décor. The Option 1 fascia is the largest with an overall width of 1120mm.

The open-fronted Crystal Gem gas fire or the glass-fronted Crystal Montana fire will both perfectly fit the opening cut-out in these fascias. You can choose from a coal or pebble fuel effect in either model. And both models can be fitted into your own chimney or into a Class 2 Prefabricated flue as long as there is adequate inset depth.

With a maximum heat output of 3.88kW the Gem open fronted gas fire will definitely keep you snug. However, if you are looking for greater fuel efficiency then Crystal Fire’s Montana fire offers 81% efficiency with the reliable high performance that you need, providing your room with up to 4.03kW of heat.

The Crystal Fire Options range offers the cost-effective solution of adding a fashionable 'hole in the wall' style gas fireplace without compromising on the genuine heat source you need.

Wall Opening Size Required
Width: 415mm (16½")
Height: 570mm (22½")
Depth: 250mm (10") with Gem Fire  /  320mm (12½") with Montana Fire


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