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Gallery PD2 Electric Fire

PD2 Electric tray fire
PD2 Electric tray fire

The Gallery PD2 electric fire has a modular design, allowing it to be installed in a variety of cast iron inserts and combination fireplaces from the Gallery Collection range. This makes it an excellent choice for those accustomed to solid fuel fires or homes lacking the proper gas flue, as it can readily create a warm and cozy ambiance by illuminating the fire chamber.

The tapered moulded section houses a coal-effect set into a glowing firebed, created by long-lasting, energy-efficient LED bulbs. Beneath this section, a fan heater can give 900W or 1800W of heat that is released from the bottom of the fire. The illumination setting can be customized with options such as slow flicker, regular flicker, fast flicker, and circulatory flicker to create the perfect effect.

You can enjoy the atmosphere of the flickering effect at any time, and when heat is required, simply move the insert ashpan to one side to distribute the heat into the room. The model comes with a remote control for ease of use, as well as manual override controls at the base.

Please note that the Gallery PD2 electric fire is designed to fit specific cast iron inserts and combination fireplaces listed below, and will not fit other makes and models:

Gallery Bolton insert
Gallery Celtic combination fireplace
Gallery Crown insert
Gallery Henley insert
Gallery Gloucester insert
Gallery Jubilee insert
Gallery Lytton insert
Gallery Pembroke combination fireplace
Gallery Tregaron combination fireplace

Therefore, it is essential to ensure that you have one of the above cast iron inserts before placing an order for this fire. Although most cast iron inserts may appear to be the same size, the Gallery PD2 electric fire is only compatible with the inserts mentioned above and will not fit other models.

PD2 Electric tray fire sizes
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