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Gem/Montana HE, Royale 3 sided gas fire.

Gem/Montana HE, Royale 3 sided gas fire.
Gem/Montana HE, Royale 3 sided gas fire.
Gem/Montana HE, Royale 3 sided gas fire trim dimensions

Crystal Fires Royale 3-sided gas fire is the perfect accompaniment to any fireplace surround with its state-of-the-art “double trim” fascia frame that appears larger when compared with other standard 16” gas fires. It can be paired with either the open-fronted Gem or glass-fronted Montana fire (which gives an impressive heat output of up to 4.03kW).

The Royale fascia comes in four appealing colours and can be paired with two models in the Crystal fire range. If you love the comforting glow of a real, open flame then the Gem version is a full-depth gas fire which comes with coal or pebble fuel effects that combine the atmosphere of a real fire but with all the ease-of-use gas offers. Choose between black or chrome interior side panels.

If superb fuel efficiency is a priority as energy prices continue to rise, then the Montana glass-fronted gas fire is for you. This offers a super-efficient high heat output of 4.03kW while the glass improves the overall energy efficiency, with a possible saving of up to 35% in running costs when compared with an open-fronted fire. The glass front also aids in reducing any draughts from the chimney, making your room cosier. Choose from Coals, Pebbles or Campfire log fuel effects and enjoy the cheerful glow reminiscent of real flames behind the glass panel.

Manual controls operate both the standard models and are hidden discreetly behind the moveable drawer at the bottom of the fire. You can also upgrade to a fully automatic remote control which allows you to change the fire settings from the comfort of your armchair.

​The Gem gas firer can be fitted into either Class 1 (real chimney) or Class 2 pre fabricated flues. The Montana is only suitable for installation into Class 1 flues.
Outer trim size - 670mm[h] x 630mm[w]

Heat Input  - 6.9kW
Heat Output -  4.2kW
Fuel Bed Options  -  Coal, Pebbles
Control Type  -  Manual Control, Remote Control
Gas Options -  Natural Gas
Brand  - Crystal Fires
Chimney Type - Brick Chimney (Class 1), Pre Fabricated (Class 2)
Efficiency  - 60%
Fire Type - Full Depth Gas Fire
Type Of Heat  -  Radiant & Convected
Safety  - Flame Failure Device, Oxygen Depletion Sensor
Air Vent  -   Not Required
Finish Options   - Black, Chrome

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