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Semi Circle 1100x850x12, Smoked or Transparant glass hearth

Glass stove hearth, semi circle
Glass stove hearth, semi circle dimensions

Introducing the Semi-Circle Glass Hearth, the ideal solution for safeguarding the floor beneath your freestanding stove. This hearth is meticulously crafted with a sleek 850mm flat edge that seamlessly aligns with the wall, extending 1100mm outwards to a refined semi-circular top edge.

With dimensions measuring W850mm x H1100mm x D12mm, this glass hearth not only delivers protection but also adds a touch of elegance to your space. It is expertly constructed from 12mm thick tempered clear glass, boasting polished edges for a sophisticated finish. To ensure maximum durability and safety, we recommend applying a bead of silicone around the perimeter of the hearth to prevent dust and dirt from infiltrating underneath.

Please take note that it is crucial to test your stove for suitability with a 12mm hearth before installation. Additionally, please be aware that these hearths have a maximum weight capacity of 400kg, which should not be exceeded.

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