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Solano Electric Stove

Introducing the Gallery Solano, a charming and eligant free-standing stove that will breathe life into any room. With its colour changeable LED flame effect technology, this stove is truly a mesmerizing addition to your home. Finished in classic matt black, the Solano exudes elegance and style.

Featuring a highly authentic deep flickering flame effect dancing over an authentic log effect fuel bed, the Solano creates a warm and inviting ambiance. It's designed to be a clean, efficient, and maintenance-free alternative to traditional solid fuel stoves. Simply plug it in, and let it deliver an authentic flame effect, with or without the fan heater, to enhance the atmosphere.

The Solano offers an impressive heat output of up to 1.8kW, ensuring cozy warmth during colder seasons. With remote-controlled operation, you can easily adjust the settings from the comfort of your seat. For added peace of mind, the stove incorporates a safety cut-out device.

Constructed from cast aluminum, the Solano not only adds to the realism but also provides a robust and sturdy casing. Its sleek matte black finish and chrome door handle enhance its stylish appearance.

Personalize your experience with the Solano by choosing from 9 flame colors and 9 fuel under bed colors. Adjust the flame speed to your preference and save your favorite flame and fuel bed settings using the 'Favourite' mode. This stunning feature stove can be enjoyed all year round.

During warmer months, take advantage of the Solano's two heat settings (0.9kW & 1.8kW) and thermostatic control. The 'Cool Blow' function ensures a comfortable temperature when the heat is not needed.

Convenient manual override controls are located on the stove, but you can also operate the flames and heat from your armchair using the multi-functional remote control that comes with the fire. Additionally, the Solano can be controlled using your phone or tablet through the free, dedicated app.

No matter where you place it, the Solano will become the perfect centerpiece for any room. Whether integrated into a fireplace inglenook or standing freely, this easy-to-install appliance will create a cozy atmosphere with mesmerizing dancing flames, replicating the charm and ambience of a real woodburner.

Bring warmth, style, and a touch of magic into your home with the Gallery Solano stove.

The Solano electri stove
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