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Gallery Solaris, Slide control Gas Fire

Gallery Solaris gas fire
Gallery Solaris gas fire
Gallery Solaris gas fire

The Gallery Solaris includes a realistic burning coal effect fuel bed with flickering flames. You can choose an open model or opt for one set behind a clear glass front, both combined with a wide choice of top class fascia range.

​There is a choice of Solaris to suit every home whether you own a modern house with slimline Class 2 flue or a full Class 1 chimney. And for ease of use, all models can be operated by an easily reached slide control that lets you adjust the flame effect and turn the model on and off.

​The Class 1 Solaris is intended for use with deeper flues such as a full chimney that has enough space to house the fire’s 235mm (9¼") full-depth fire box. On the other hand, the two open-fronted models (convector gas fires) pass cold air from the room behind the fire and then feed it back into the room from the top canopy as warm air.

​Don’t worry if your flue is shallow as the Slimline Class 2 Convector Model of the Solaris will fit shallow flues such as the Class 2 Pre-Cast. This model boasts a smaller fire box size of only 135mm (5¼"), and is perfect for use where inset space is very narrow. It also has a really functional maximum heat output of 3.8kW.

​Running costs these days are always a concern however you can get the most cost-effective heating by choosing the high-efficiency, glass fronted convector model of the Solaris which also offers the smart appearance of the open flame version but has a higher efficiency rating of 80% and a desirable heat output of up to 4kW. This model has an inset depth of (7¼"), and is usually installed in full chimneys or pre-fabricated 5" flues.

​An additional benefit of the glass-fronted model is that the flames linger around the fire bed for a longer time before they go into the flue. This ensures that less gas is used to produce more heat, thereby saving money. The glass front also stops heat from the room escaping up the chimney while draughts from the chimney are also blocked from entering the room.

Gallery Solaris gas fire dimensions
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